Nier Automata – CPG Repacks

Nier Automata


System Requirements

Steps for installation

  1. Download the Torrent
  2. Use Torrent client to download the game
  3. Download all the parts
  4. Must download anyone of the language files
  5. Language files are mandatory for this game
  6. Use 7zip for Extraction
  7. Right click on the .7z or .7z.001 and Choose Extract here option
  8. After that,Run the setup as an administrator
  9. Installation speed and time based on your system specs
  10. Now you can see the .bat file on your desktop shortcut
  11. Ok, Now dont run the bat file, First enable developer mode in your os
  12. Next create a dummy or fake account on Microsoft store and Xbox live
  13. After the steps 11 & 12 , Run the bat file
  14. reminder: you need to install the xbox app and running it will ask you to install the dependencies : Click here to download the program
  15. Now see your start menu and Run the game

If you have more doubts to run this game, ask this forum => Click here to visit

Download link

Credits : OSB79

24/7 User support available on Discord. Just join it

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