Veska & Mina’s succubusic journey

About this game

Experienced adventurers Veska and Mina are traveling the world after the defeat of the threatening Demon lord in search of a way to break the curse.

It is……the curse of succubus.

A ridiculous curse that makes it impossible to use all of the physical strength, sword skills, and magical power along with powerful estrus unless the man’s sperms are ingested regularly.
Vesca and Mina travel all around the world while sucking dicks to find a way to return to their pre-cursed body.
Vesca doesn’t want to get horny as much as possible while Mina enjoys the curse.


Steps for installation

  1. Download the file
  2. Unpack by use winrar or 7zip
  3. Run steup.exe as administrator
  4. After the installation, Enjoy your game






Download link => 218 Mb

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