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Asougi City, a company town facing the Seto Inland Sea-

Though a single corporation controls every aspect of their lives, the citizens live without any kind of worries or doubts, and enjoy the peace that has been given to them.

However, within this pristine city lurk pockets of unrest. Known as “Clans”, these groups repeatedly perform acts of civil disobedience, including “Hunting”, armed theft of people and things, and “Hustling”, the selling of bodies for profit.

With clans growing in influence, the corporation motioning to stop them, and the “Memorial Festival” fast approaching, the city is soon shaken by conflict, consuming the lives of all within it.


Steps for installation

  • Download game files via torrent client
  • Extract the files by use winrar or 7zip
  • Run the setup.exe in admin privilege
  • Run the game by use local emulator

Download link => 2.2 Gb

Torrent / Magnet

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7 thoughts on “DOHNA DOHNA

  1. My laptop detected a trojan virus while I’m trying to setup the game, is it still really safe to download this game? Because it looks really good and I would like to play it.

  2. The torrent provided three zip files split into three parts. Should I extract all of them to one folder?

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