Monster girl descent

About this game

Travel into a dangerous and notorious cave filled with sexy monster girls. Fight them off or face the consequences, they’re hungry for men!
The town of Mon lies next to a cave notorious for containing dangerous monster girls. For generations the monster girls have come out to abduct the townsmen. Men that are abducted are usually used for the Monster Girls’ sexual needs until they are of no further use.

Due to the constant Monster girl attacks, the town regularly sends heroes in to the cave to try to put a stop to the attacks and defeat the monster girls once and for all.

However, every hero so far has perished at the hands of the monster queen.
Will you reach the bottom of the dungeon and slay the monster queen?

Or will you perish like so many others before you and become a mere sex servant?


Steps for installation

  1. Download the file
  2. Unpack by use winrar or 7zip
  3. Run steup.exe as administrator
  4. After the installation, Enjoy your game






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