Nie No Hakoniwa dollhouse of offerings

    About this game

    A long time ago, an outlander appeared before the village of a long-suffering minority. In his possession was a mysterious “box” which was used by the oppressed to rise up and overthrow their oppressors.

    Years later, that oppressed group formed seven noble houses and grew prosperous. However, House Shiki, which stood first among the Seven Noble Houses did not have a son to succeed the family. In order to have an heir, a young man from outside the village was adopted in to the family.

    Kurou, born and raised as a “product” and ignorant of the subtleties of being a “person,” is introduced to Shiki Kyouko, eldest daughter of House Shiki. These interactions begin build emotions within him. And on the day of their marriage – A nightmare is born.


    Yasaka Kurou
    CV. Yotsuba You
    A young man who is a “product” of House Yasaka.
    As the pinnacle of House Yasaka’s skill, he is thus introduced to House Shiki.

    Shiki Kyouko
    CV. Hoshi Riruka
    The eldest daughter of House Shiki of the Seven Noble Houses, Kyouko is to
    marry Yasaka Kurou. She is a cheerful girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.

    Kuryou Nozomi
    CV. Minaduki Hinan
    Possessing an androgynous beauty, Nozomi is a mysterious girl.


    Steps for installation

    1. Right click on the Iso file
    2. Click mount option
    3. Run setup.exe as administrator
    4. That’s all and enjoy the game

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