Venus blood dark chronicles episode 1

About this game

Having been driven mad by Leonhardt’s experiments with the Soul Cage, Julia von Archlond could no longer function as the leader of Archlond, and the positions of the Winged Ones and Wingless within Archlond were reversed overnight, causing chaos within the country.

The former ruler Julia and her sister Liese were not exempt from the new policies within Archlond and thus, alongside other Winged women, were put to work every night at certain ‘Shady Establishments’.

Having essentially lost their human (winged ones) rights, they are treated as tools, as toys to be played with until broken, then tossed to the wayside.

And yet, with their ecstatic expressions as they are degraded and denigrated, one would almost think they are enjoying the current circumstances…


Screen shots

Steps for installation

  1. Download the file
  2. Unpack by use winrar or 7zip
  3. Run steup.exe as administrator
  4. After the installation, Enjoy your game

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