Hahamusu Gaiden ~ Suishou no Joou Delfina ~

About this game

Southeast of Central Rutina, the capital of the Kingdom of Laidnell, lies the Kingdom of Linica. It is ruled by the Lindbaum family. Despite being a small country in a rural area, the family has been loyal to the Kingdom of Laidnell since its founding, and has sent out many of the the Kingdom’s high-ranking government officials such as its chancellors. The heroine Delfina Lindbaum, succeeding her ailing father, the king, became a queen at a young age. As if to dispel the anxiety of the bewildered people at the sudden appearance of their queen, immediately after taking her role, Delfina began to show her skill in domestic affairs and diplomacy. Because of her beauty and her ability as a leader, her people and subjects came to call her Queen of Linica Crystal, and adore her.

Three years have passed since she became a queen, just when things were going smoothly――

In an ally neighboring country the “Kingdom of Golas”, an army claiming to be the Golas Revolutionary Army​ stages a coup in its capital. After taking over the country by killing all of the royal family members, they immediately invade their ally country the Kingdom of Linica. Since Kingdom of Linica is small and does not have a powerful military, it has prospered through trading and diplomacy with ample​ mineral resources​ such as Acon Stone and Linica Crystal, but that has become its downfall, as it is caught off guard and its capital quickly falls to the invading force. Queen Delfina, at the advice of Elza, Knight Commander of the Royal Guard, attempts to flee the palace along with one of the knights Mariel.

After narrowly escaping from the palace, they head to a vast forest known as “Forest of the Spirits” to hide themselves, but on the way, they are found and caught by their pursuers, the cavalry of the Revolutionary Army. Surround by eight cavalrymen, and the only one who can fight is the Knight of the Royal Guard Mariel……

“Argh, despite everyone’s sacrifices, is it all going to end like this?”

Just when Delfina looks up to the heaven and mutters, one of the cavalrymen gets shot in the forehead by an arrow, and falls from his horse. The cavalrymen, shaken by the enemy’s sudden attack, get pierced by arrows from a long distance, one by one, they are quickly wiped out.

“Could it be, did you came to rescue me?”

As she speaks, Delfina heads deeper into the forest, in front of her, a boy emerges from the depths of the forest.

“Rescue? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I only helped because I saw a rich-looking lady got attacked. Since I saved you from a pinch, I’ll get the money that I deserve, right?”

Brown skin and pointed ears, the young dark elf coldly tells her that he only saves her because he wants her money. This is the encounter of a dark elf boy living in the Forest of the Spirits “Aian” and “Delfina”. The future that lies ahead after this fateful encounter, what exactly will it look like?

The Crystal Queen―― “Delfina”
An elf loyal to her queen―― “Mariel”
A dancer who believes that her queen will return and is hiding alone in the capital―― “Leila”
Shunned and detested by the world, a dark elf Aian, having a strong distrust of humans and elves. By meeting them, a new story in Aian’s life begins. Even if he is a shunned dark elf, his heart is the same as everyone.

――LIKE to LOVE――

By interacting and spending time with the girls, Aian begins to like them and then falls in love with them. Set in the “Hahamusu” series, an erotic LOVE story on the continent of Laidnell. Unlike the previous protagonist, the new protagonist Aian, does not have any position or fame, just an ordinary hunter. On this adventure that he will experience, the curtain rises


Steps for Installation

1. Download all the parts
2. Disable Anti-virus system
3. Run Setup.exe as an administrator
4. Installation take 2 minutes or more based on your pc specifications
5. After the installation, you must chage your system local into japanese or Use local emulator to launch the game

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